Review: Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins



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Non-Spoiler Review

Anna and the French Kiss was amazing, Lola was just eh, and Isla was like an in between of the two. I loved it at times and at others I found it just didn’t reach the standards that Anna created for it. Sometimes I think Anna would have been just good as a standalone, Lola definitely had begun this thinking. With Anna appearing in Lola, it just felt weird. However, in Isla it wasn’t as weird. I think that might be because Isla had been mentioned in Anna so hearing about the characters from the original wasn’t so weird. Also, this book was more like a sequel as it continued on with characters from the original, not just Isla, but a couple of friends we never got to hear from in Lola.

Isla is the type of book you want to read on a warm summer day outdoors chilling by the pool drinking an ice cold glass of lemonade. Also it is fantastic for those unable to go on vacation and so they can travel along instead with Isla as she goes from New York, to Paris, and etc.

This book can be warm and fluffy but serious and sad as well. It’s really life in general. Perkins’ writing is always on point with reality. Her characters are well developed, and the relationships are strong and realistic. I’ve learned a lot more about Josh than I had ever expected and his struggles.


I recommend this book because of all of the fantastic characters and life lessons you can learn about from reading it. Reading is all about learning about the world through the eyes of another and I feel you can really do that with Isla.

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