Review: The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes



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Rating:5 stars

Non-Spoiler Review

This book is compared to the show, Criminal Minds, which  is one of my favourite shows to watch. I can turn the tv on and just watch any episode and I know I’ll love it. Watching repeats is even better because the whole time you’re either trying to remember who had done it, or you’re seeing things you never saw before. Watching that show is like re-reading a favourite book. So, with that being said, I was more than ecstatic to get this book. I read it in one day; it was that good. There was so many unexpected twists and turns; I wasn’t able to put it down. Plus, it is sort of short.

The writing was surprisingly good. Most crime books I have read in the YA genre, the writing has been off. There are normally cliche phrases and personalities, but this book had none, and if any, it wasn’t blatantly obvious.

The element that made this book stand out most to me was how the characters had these special abilities and how they used them to solve crimes. Criminology for one point in time had been a subject I had wanted to take in post-secondary, so I really enjoyed reading about different cases (real or not they were interesting) and the main case in the book was really well written. I won’t spoil it, but trust me you won’t predict it.


Overall, I recommend this to those who love those criminal, case-solving shows. Whether it be Criminal Minds or CSI, or even my new favourite, Veronica Mars, you will enjoy this book.


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