Bookscussion {2}


Every Thursday I hold a discussion on my blog. The topics focus on bookish things.

This weeks topic is…

Broken Book Blues

This week we are discussing broken books; whether it’s an old, loved copy of To Kill a Mockingbird or a new copy of A Darker Shade of Magic that got messed up in shipping. Here are a few I’ve dealt with or avoid whenever I can.

1. New Book Blues

Have you ever bought a book at a store only to realize when it’s too late that a page is ripped or the cover is bent oddly? I sure have.


My copy of The Red Queen had some sort of issue with the back pages where the end paper hadn’t been cut properly and so as I tried to fix it so it would open this happened.

2. It’s all your fault Blues

Or, do you own a book that has seen better days and wish you had taken better care of it before? I know I’ve regretted a few things.



I only read Inkheart once, but I took it everywhere, I folded the page corners all the way across a page to mark a spot. I even broke the spine on purpose so I could hold it in one hand.

3. I Live for the Blues

Or, do you purposely buy worn in books filled with notes in the margins? The only book I own with ink in the margins is S. by JJ Abrams, and it is meant to have ink in the margins.

Which type are you? Are you all three? Or are you a different kind of blues?

2 thoughts on “Bookscussion {2}

  1. Katy Messier says:

    I live for the blues – finding books in thrift stores is amazingly fun to me. But I’ve had all of the above happen as well – especially books I should have taken better care of. As in.. kept away from my cats. lol


  2. tattooedpages says:

    Omigosh! My copy of Inkheart looks pretty much as messed up as the one in the picture. I took it everywhere too. But it was raining a lot that part of the year so it constantly got wet and the cover would then be all delicate.
    I experienced New Book Blues a couple of times too. And I hate it! I pay the full price of the book and it ends up being damaged in someway? So now I always inspect the books before I buy them, I even take the book in the back of the shelf cuz thos are the ones that really touched by customers.


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