Review: Bitter End by Jennifer Brown

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Rating:5 stars

Non-Spoiler Review

Warning: this book deals with an abusive relationship.

This story was a roller coaster. At times I hated the main character and at others I loved her; more specifically at the end.

The thing about this book that horrified me the most was how much I could relate to the main character. She gave him second chances even though she knew better. And I felt like I would probably do the same. I’m all for second chances here.

I feel like everyone thinks they’ve got the smarts and skills to get out of an abusive relationship when in reality most of us probably won’t. You hear all the time about people who are in an abusive relationship and yet they’re still together. People might call them idiotic for staying in that relationship, but I understand. Any type of relationship whether good or bad is hard to get out of. And help can be hard to find. Society has made it hard for a victim to come out with victim blaming and etc. And they may not want to be in the public eye, not everyone craves attention. This book was written perfectly for its purpose. It helped to educate me on abusive relationships and I thank Brown for the knowledge she has shared by writing this book.

You may find female characters annoying at times because they can be played as so naive, but in this book by the end they’ll be your new favourite character type. I might go back and re-read some books where the main character had bothered me because she had been so weak. Perhaps I’ll be able to emphasize with Bella in New Moon.

I love strong female characters, ones like Celaena from the Throne of Glass series, but sometimes it is important to have the weaker, more emotional, characters too.

If you cannot stand a weak character, one who just seems to do the wrong thing all the time and won’t take the easy way out when it is flashing them right in the eye like a lighthouse, then I strongly suggest you give this a try. It just might change your mind.

Another great thing about this book were the realistic relationships between friends and family. Both played a major part in this book and were really well thought out. How the friends reacted to news, or events, in the book seemed realistic, and they didn’t seem like they were thrown in there for comedy – or to make the main character not look like a loner. They seemed real.

I loved this book for it’s overall message, and I encourage all of you to read it so you too can have more understanding as to what can cross the mind of someone who is being abused.


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