Top Ten Tuesday {28}


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is…

Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books

10. Northanger Abbey

The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” – Jane Austen


Well, ain’t that the truth.

9. To Kill A Mockingbird

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” -Harper Lee


This is extremely important to know and many do not know it and might never care to.

8.The Sweet Far Thing

“I am a jumble of passions, misgivings, and wants. It seems that I am always in a state of wishing and rarely in a state of contentment.” – Libba Bray


Aren’t we all?

7. A Game of Thrones

“Give me honorable enemies rather than ambitious ones, and I’ll sleep more easily by night.” – George R.R. Martin


I agree, as well as honorable friends instead of ambitious ones. Just finished Macbeth in English class and have learnt the lengths one will take because of their ambition.

6. Pride and Prejudice

“Angry people are not always wise.” – Jane Austen


People always tend to say things they do not mean when they’re angry. It’s best to keep this in mind if you’re mad at someone or they, you.

5.The Fault in Our Stars

“I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up.” – John Green


It’s just so inspiring, most can feel like they’re on an up and down roller coaster, but to only feel the up is just blissful.

4.A Game of Thrones

“What do we say to the Lord of Death?’
‘Not today.” – George R.R. Martin


Damn straight.

3. Throne of Glass

“Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.” – Sarah J Maas


Arm me with a couple of useful books and I could do anything.

2. Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover

“Sometimes people run… to see if you’ll come after them.”– Ally Carter


It’s a way to know if someone really cares for you or not.

1.Rebel Angels

“Sometimes we seek that which we are not yet ready to find.” – Libba Bray


And we only know that we aren’t ready until after we found it

What are your top ten inspiring quotes from books, and what do you think of mine?

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9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday {28}

  1. ChrissiReads says:

    I love the quote from To Kill A Mockingbird! 🙂 You’ve got some other amazing quotes too. I love the Throne of Glass quote!


  2. Natalie @ Flowers in my Books says:

    This is a great list of quotes you’ve got here! The Throne of Glass one is incredible as are the ones from Game of Thrones. It’s also nice to see someone talk about The Gallagher Girls series (I LOVE Ally Carter’s books especially that series).

    I’m a new follower via bloglovin’ and I thought I’d leave a comment to say hi! You have a great blog 🙂

    – Natalie x


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