Review: Jackaby by William Ritter

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Rating:5 stars

Non-Spoiler Review

This book is described as both Sherlock and Doctor Who combined (two of my favourite things!) but it is definitely more Sherlock as Jackaby, a self-acclaimed detective (like Sherlock Holmes), does a better job at solving crimes than the local police. Also, both have a very distinct personality that makes them outcasted from the general community. The only difference is that Jackaby hunts unnatural beings and Sherlock goes more along the route of clever psychopaths and etc. If you like the sound of all that you’re going to love this book just as much as I did.

First of all, the main character, Abigail Rook (who is our John Watson), is a young woman in New England in the year 1892. And to set up her meeting with our Jackaby, she is newly arrived in New Fiddleham and is in need of a job. She has a horrible time finding one because she is female. The only job that ends up being available is working as Jackaby’s assistant. Rook is very useful to Jackaby and much needed as she has a good eye for the ordinary and Jackaby for the unordinary. Thus it makes them the perfect duo. Add in an attractive young detective, Charlie Cane, and you’re set for a night of no sleep.

If you’re not much of a Sherlockian and more of a Whovian, you’ll still love this book. Especially if your favourite doctor was Matt Smith (the eleventh). Jackaby runs along the same lines as him. And the plot is sort of like an episode of the show. You could also even say Jackaby is a mix of nine and ten as well. I might as well start naming all of them. Jackaby for the thirteenth Doctor anyone?


I love this book so much and I cannot wait for it’s sequel, Beastly Bones, in September. This book  I  recommend 100%.


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