Bookscussion {1}


Every Thursday from now on I will be hosting a discussion on my blog. The topics will all focus on bookish things as I am calling it Bookscussion (books+discussion).

This weeks topic is…

The best places to buy books online

Answer in the comments where you feel are the best websites to buy books, maybe even recommend sites not to use.

What are my favourite sites

Here are a few of the sites I personally like to use to buy my books:



The book depository is my favourite site to use. It has free shipping world wide and it is an UK based site so the UK versions of books (i.e. Brandon Sanderson) are available and affordable. The only drawback is that shipping can be very slow. 14 business days is about the expected arrival time here in Canada.

2. Bookoutlet


This would probably be only applicable to Canadians and Americans as I believe it doesn’t ship internationally. But if you live in these two Countries you’re in luck. Cheaply discounted books at used prices (even though they’re in perfect condition unless you’re shopping in the scratch and dent section) and great customer service. I had a problem with one of my orders and they were very quick to reply, especially during their big boxing day blowout sale. Also new books added everyday and they actually seperate their YA, Twee, and children’s books. The only fault is their shipping rates are only reasonable if you’re ordering about 3 or more books, otherwise you might as well pay full price elsewhere.

3. Chapters/Indigo


If you spend $25 or more you get free shipping, which I love. Or you can have the book shipped to a local store for free which is even better if you’re ordering a rare book. This is a Canadian site so it does not ship internationally. But for Canadians it is a great site and also the best bookstore in town.

So, those are my three favourite sites to shop online at. What are yours?


7 thoughts on “Bookscussion {1}

  1. Jessica Samuelsen says:

    I’m a Kindle girl myself… I haven’t gotten into too many hard copy books. I have a weird phobia of clutter.. So digital is my thing. I really enjoyed this post, I have not heard of some of these sites I will check them out! Book Outlet may be a great book to order for giveaways


  2. tylerhjolley says:

    I LOVE that you’re doing a discussion on your page weekly. I love The Books Depository too, you can find almost anything. I’ve also had good luck with the BYU bookstore when I need to find hardcover Sanderson books that are out of print.


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