Review: The Ring and the Crown by Melissa de la Cruz



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Non-Spoiler Review

My first thought, great it’s told in multiple points of view, here we go, I am going to get so confused and never know who is talking. But I didn’t. And I never liked one point of view more than the other. All characters were entertaining and well-rounded. In the beginning I couldn’t seem to figure out how all of them were going to interconnect but by the end that problem had been solved.

The book itself is told in either the future of the present as if Joan of Arc had really been a witch and that there was magic in the world. There is a Merlin who had brought England to victory over the French. And now the story is told in the Franco-British Empire where Princess Marie must marry the heir to the Prussian throne to end the war between their two countries. It’s a little confusing but you get used to this new society.

By the end of the book you are hoping for a happy ending for all of the characters introduced, maybe you’ll get one and maybe you’ll not. You’ll just have to read it all to find out as this book I feel has a good conclusive ending.

The only faults I found with this book related to some of it’s structure. I feel like it didn’t seem to escalate as it should’ve and that it wasn’t very easy to stay interested at times when the point of view would change with each chapter. It felt sort of cut off.

Overall it was a great read and I look forward to more books from Cruz, maybe in the same world as this one.


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