Review: We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist


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Rating: 4-out-of-5-stars

Non-Spoiler Review

We Should Hang Out Sometime is a line that never fails. This true story written by YouTube star, paralympic skier, is about Josh Sundquist’s quest to figure out why he has never had a girlfriend for longer than a day.

I love the layout of this book. There are sections dedicated to each girl with three parts to them. You have the background info on the girls, Sundquist’s hypothesis, and then you have the investigation, where Sundquist has contacted each of the girls years later to get more info as to why their relationship didn’t work out.

The style of the book worked great, and I flew right through it, reading it all in just a day. Josh’s style is very entertaining and reminds me of one of his fellow YouTuber’s John Green’s style in Abundance of Katherines. Although I found the story line in Green’s work, I loved the layout of the story with the graphs and footnotes. In Sundquist’s book it really helped to enhance his personality.7769b1a4623b44f5b3b80d959b224cc1

Overall, it was a great, quick, read that left me in a good mood. Definitely a good pick-me up book for a rainy day.

Before I finish this review I wanted to add my opinion on the whole premise of this story. To some it may seem creepy that he went out to find all of his past loves, and in some sense that does seem a bit weird. However, it’s not like he didn’t know these girls, and if you read the stories, it’s not like the girls disliked him. There’s one part where he hunted a girl down through Facebook where some might find creepy, and his wording for that part to some could be seen as unsettling, but I feel that he was trying to be funny. He does explain how he did it and it’s not like people haven’t done it before when searching for people. And I would also like to add that he didn’t force the girls to meet him, he just wanted any kind of reply. And he accepted any answer they gave him. So I don’t think he is creepy, or that he is really that obsessed with his relationships. If you look at Abundance of Katherines, that is creepy.

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