Review: The Kingdom of Little Wounds by Susann Cokal


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Rating: 4-out-of-5-stars

Non Spoiler Review

I’ve read a lot of historical fiction before, but none have ever been this honest in terms of the time period. The books I’ve read seemed to glaze over the true struggles of the time period, this book makes it a major part of it. This book is very diverse. It tells the story of two women working in the Skyggehavn kingdom. One who has lost her first love and child, and the other who has lost her tongue. There is illness, death, envy, and deception in the castle. And our two main characters are stuck dead in the middle of it all.

This book is not for the light of heart. It can be quite graphic at times and not in the slaughter of men terms more in sexual terms. It can make you feel uncomfortable.

I gave this book only four stars because although I loved the story, I found the parts where it wasn’t the Main Characters point of view to be a little confusing. Sometimes they would make sense and helped the story move along, but sometimes they just felt pointless.

Overall this book was an eye-opener into what Scandinavia was probably like back in Renaissance times. I feel as though I can understand the time period a bit more. It was definitely a different type of fairy-tale then what I am used to. I wouldn’t exactly label it as such, but in some moments of the book you could label it exactly that.

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