ARC Review: A Wicked Thing by Rhiannon Thomas

A Wicked Thing (A Wicked Thing, #1)

Book Description


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My rating: 5 stars

Note: Thanks so much to HHCFrenzy for sending me an arc copy of this book to review.

And now for my non-spoiler Review

Sleeping beauty is retold in this exciting new read by Rhiannon Thomas. Unlike the Disney version, Aurora isn’t awoken by a prince she met in the woods and fell in love with. It follows the same guidelines, on her birthday she pricks her finger on a spinning needle and falls into a sleep like death. But then a century passes before she finally awakes to a stranger’s kiss. Her world; changed forever. Dead are her parents and all she knew. Things have changed while she slept. The royal family has changed many times, war has has terrorized the country, and the forest is not safe. Aurora has become a heroine as she slept. Her people believe she will bring back the magic that was lost long ago. Aurora awakens to what seems to be a major task. And to top it all off she is being married to the prince who awoke her from her slumber. Everything is happening so quickly and she isn’t so sure this is what is best. Follow along as Aurora begins to discover love, magic, and what people are willing to do for justice.

From the beginning of this book I was entranced. This Aurora had a brain, and she used it right. She wasn’t going to just let some supposed prophecy lead her life. She was going to do things her way. This Aurora has become my favourite Princess. I wish Disney could make a remake with this version of Aurora.

One thing that really made this book for me was the feminist under plots. Aurora points out many flaws for women and she isn’t in your face about it. They’re more subtle but still make an impact.

There were rarely any flaws in this book. I did leave this book feeling like there could be more, but I believe that will all be finished in one of the sequels.

Overall, A Wicked Thing was a fantastic read, I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys retellings of fairy tales. And if you love anything to do with strong heroines, this is the book for you.

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