Top Ten Tuesday {7}

 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is…

Top Ten Blogging Confessions

10. I am obsessed with Harry Potter

I own two sets of Harry Potter, the three companion novels, a Hogwarts notebook, The Casual Vacancy (which I may never read), and Page to Screen which I had annoyed my mother for weeks leading up to Christmas so much she decided to tease me by giving me a math book for my Night Before Christmas book gift. I also own two wands: Fleur Delacour’s and one of the choose your owns which correlated with my birthday. I have a Buckbeak, Fluffy, and Fawkes stuffed animal. I also own two chocolate frogs the chocolate has all been eaten) and the cards are of Helga Hufflepuff (my house) and Rowena Ravenclaw. I own Rita Skeeters Quick Quotes Quill as well. As you can probably tell I am a Harry Potter fanatic.

9. I judge books based on their cover

I am so guilty of this. If the cover is ugly I probably will just borrow it from the library or get the ebook. Or, I’ll do whatever I can to not read it in public. I’m also guilty of re-buying a book I already own or have read so I can have matching covers.

8. I used to take horrible care of my books

I learned the bad habit of throwing away dust jackets from my older brother. Yup, there are probably old Harry Potter dust jackets in some landfill somewhere. I absolutely refuse to do so now, but I can’t help but admit I used to not care for them. I also used to dog-ear books, but not just by the corners, I would fold an entire page in half and point it at a sentence that I am at *shudders*. Then, I used to leave books lying open so the pages get all messed up. And then (yup there’s more), I used to shove them places where they should not have fit. My copy of Ginger Pye has some pretty bad cover folds from when I had shoved it into my already full backpack or desk at school. What I could do to go back in time and tell myself to take care of my books. And if I did do that then I would also stop my brother from throwing away Harry Potter dust jackets, I get a pain in my chest every time I see bare books 3,4, and 6.

7. I am a horrible book shopper

I can’t help but go to the bookstore every time I am at the mall. It is horrible, I think every penny I have owned has been spent on books. I can’t leave a store without a book. Then, I also have the choosing problem. There’s that book I’ve been dying to read, or that sequel to the book series I need so I can have a complete set, or this looks interesting. Then, whoever is with me, because I never go alone, is asked many questions of ‘should I get this or this’ and ‘do you think 20 dollars is worth it or should I wait?’ and I’m usually never given a proper answer and so we’re stuck for longer than necessary in the bookstore.

6. I read too much at once

According to my Goodreads I am reading about 11 books right now, and that is not including all the books I have yet to add. I have started so many books but have never finished, and I refuse to DNF a book. If I pick up a book to read, I am going to read it. There has only been two books to have made the exception and those are the second books in both the Vampire Academy and the House of Night series. I just cannot stand Vampire books anymore.

5. I usually end up liking every book I have read

I have to admit I’m pretty good at choosing which books to buy which may be why I DNF so little books. Also, I always am able to find the good in any piece of writing. I also respect the author as I am a writer myself and I know the struggles of writing a book so I want to be able to compliment them on their accomplishment.

4. I am a book hoarder

I don’t like to get rid of my books or any books just in case someday comes where either I am in the mood for it or someone is in want of borrowing it. I owned Twilight far longer than I should. And, I am just recently getting rid of all of my The Mortal Instrument series since I just do not like the books.I should get rid of Divergent since I don’t really like it; but I know one of my friends will want it in the future and after seeing the movies I may find new love for them (Allegiant may never be loved).

3. I am horrible at pronouncing character names

Unless the book comes with a ‘how to pronounce’ guide at the end of the book I have probably pronounced the name wrong. With all these strange spellings in fantasy and sci-fi books I find I stumble along on the names and end up giving nicknames to the characters to help with my reading experience. It is also now why I love audio books.

2. I don’t read most books synopsis’

Lately I have been finding I’ve just been diving head first into books without taking the time to read it’s back cover. All I know is it’s genre and some tiny details like if it’s about fairies or dragons and what I can make from the cover. Nothing else, and I think I kinda love it. It’s like Christmas morning or my birthday all over again.

1. I tend to be attracted more to those who read than those who don’t

This isn’t even just about the dating compartment this is about friends too. Reading is a huge part of my life and if somebody hates doing it than it’s hard to find other conversation topics. I am particularly closer to my friends who read than those who don’t. Lastly, if I see somebody reading a favourite book of mine I will get over my stranger danger fears and probably talk to them (I did that just yesterday and I felt so happy with myself for doing it, the lady hadn’t known anyone to actually like that book before her).

What are your Top Ten Blogger Confessions and what do you think of mine?

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday {7}

  1. Briana says:

    I’m actually torn on book jackets. Theoretically, they look nice and I feel they belong with the book–I really can’t imagine throwing one away! But they’re also terribly impractical. I have to take them off every time I read a hardcover because otherwise they move around and get bent and ripped. So, what good are they anyway? 😉


  2. ChrissiReads says:

    I’m terrible at hoarding books too. I’m getting a bit better, and I need to be, as I’m buying so many that I’m running out of room! Great confessions!


    • Keely says:

      Thanks, and I just got a second bookcase and now I’m already looking for a third this really has turned into a problem. I have recently gotten rid of a few, but it’s so hard.


  3. Camille says:

    I think we are all terrible book shoppers at one point or another. If I am not so afraid of falling into debt, my credit card would probably be filled beyond its limit with book purchases. 🙂

    My TTT


    • Keely says:

      Have you ever googled them, I found that sometimes authors have pronunciations on their websites (which should be mandatory from now on lol). I’ve done it a couple times and even found some name origins that had the proper pronunciation which helps.


  4. vlangloisx3 says:

    I actually don’t have that many books. Sadly. I’m just much pickier with my money nowadays, and then I also borrow from the library a lot. I know when I’m older (maybe 30 years old), I’m just going to be buying buying buying, but that problem will be dealt with later.

    I do read book synopsis, but I end up forgetting about it later. So basically I just go in blind haha.


    • Keely says:

      It looks like you’re actually in a good habit. I should be only getting books from the library, but it’s so hard to not just buy the book just so it’s pretty cover can be on my shelf.


  5. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight says:

    I am totally a book hoarder too! Even if I hated a book, and know full well that I should pass it along, I just can’t do it! As for book shopping… it is an addiction. And character names? Nope. I usually find out later that I was way, way off! Great list 🙂


    • Keely says:

      Thanks, I think someday I’ll be on the show hoarders for my entire house will be filled with books. (I wonder if someone actually lives like that)


  6. Cait says:

    I don’t read blurbs/synopsises either! Phew. Thought I was the only one. 😉 I horrifically judge books off cover and genre and then GO FOR IT. I don’t DNF a lot because I hate unfinished stories, but I don’t rate a lot of books high. 😐 I seem to hit a lot of dud ones! My average rating though is 4-stars, which I think is fair! XD
    My TTT!


    • Keely says:

      That seems to be pretty close to what I do lol. And I just cannot stand unfinished stories I always need to know what happens. And 4 stars is pretty good for an average, lately I’ve only read 3 star reads and a couple 5 star, but they never go below 2 star for me. I have yet to find a complete dud.


  7. anotherafterthought says:

    I’m pretty bad with walking around the same aisle once, twice…twenty times!? Then multiply that by the number of stories and bam, hours gone in a store. I don’t think I DNF many books as well simply based on the hope that i’d get better by the end of it. Or maybe I just somehow find myself continuing to trudge through it all despite wavering feelings of whether or not I like it haha.

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts


    • Keely says:

      I think I’ve spent nearly an hour once staring at the same shelf once, it’s pretty bad. And yeah I have the same hope when reading books like maybe the ending will be a shocker that leaves me liking the book.


  8. Angie@Angela's Anxious Life says:

    I am obsessed with Harry Potter also. I am going to a symphony performance of Harry Potter’s music this weekend and I am soooo excited!! #2 is totally me!! I never never read the inside cover of a book.. I want the entire book to be a surprise.


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