July CampNaNoWrimo Day 2


Campnanowrimo is a part of NaNoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month). The goal is to write 50,000 words in a month.

Progress Report

Words Written Today: 878

Total words: 4,603

Words Needed: 45, 397

What did I write to day?

I participated in the virtual write-in with the camps YouTube channel. During it I used the prompts to write little scenes for my story.

Prompt 1: Dialogue between two characters with one being more powerful than the protagonist.

I chose to write about some dialogue between my MC Henry and May. May is more powerful in this situation between the two because Henry needs her to help him with Jenny.

Prompt 2: Just narrative with the same scenario

I chose to describe a situation where the MC has to confront Rick about something he had done to Jenny. I did cheat and put some dialogue but most of it is describing Rick.

Prompt 3: This time the protagonist is the powerful one

I chose to write in a scene and add a new character. It is when Henry is doing May a favor by picking up her little brother from Middle School. May’s little brother who for now has no name has been punched and Henry is trying to figure out why. This is also where I added two brothers Jamie Dothring and Alec Dothring (Alec goes to school with Henry). Jamie had been the one to punch May’s brother because he’d stood up for Elias the sheriff’s son and publicly gay kid.

Prompt 4: Two characters are arguing as they try to get in control of a situation

Nate is not letting Henry ditch their lacrosse game to go see Jenny who is back in the hospital. It is solved as they find a compromise by making Melissa update them every half-hour. Also, Jenny had made it perfectly clear that she didn’t want Henry wasting his life waiting for her to get better.

That is the basis of what I have written for today. If you have any ideas of names that would go well for May’s little brother leave them below. Also, last names for basically all of my characters are needed. You can check out their introductions on my Day 1 post.

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