The Night Before Our Stars: An Epic Experience!

So last night I had the opportunity to see The Fault In Our Stars special screening that was only happening in 650 theaters. It was so amazing that I was nearly speechless by the end of the night. I had planned to post my experience the moment I got home, but it was too difficult to even type.

Let’s start from the beginning of it all. I remember seeing on twitter this Night Before Our Stars post made by John Green, and at first I thought, oh that’s just for Americans; I shouldn’t bother clicking. Then, a few scrolls later on my news feed I see the word Canada above one of those postings and I click straight away. I was so happy it was also being offered in Canada. However, I live in the suburbs of Ottawa (I’m not saying where), and our theater wasn’t hosting it. Then, I check another theater, it’s only a fifteen minute drive with the highway and thank the lord it had it. I was so happy, but then I realized I needed someone to go with me.

My sister was the first I had asked and she said no, she wouldn’t go near the book with a 10 foot pole. She didn’t like sad books or movies. Then I found a friend who was interested in going, finally. However when we went to pre-order our tickets, her parents wouldn’t let her put their credit information on the internet (which is understandable), my problem was that I had just bought my ticket. Now I had to search for another friend. Luckily I found one and she was all gun-ho, she was even missing her kick-boxing class for it.

About two days before the screening I get a call. Apparently my friend had won an award and the same night it was being presented to her was the same night we were going to the screening. She was so willing to miss receiving the award just to come to the screening, however, her teacher was not letting her get out of it. I told her it was fine and that I would find somebody, I mean she had bought her ticket so now maybe someone would be more willing to come if we told them it was for free.

I went back to my friend who I was originally supposed to go with. She was willing at first but then bailed I think because she was too nervous about the scenario of having to get tickets from somebody she barely knew. I had run out of any good options. My last resort would to drag my cousin along who is a couple years younger than me, but she lives a little far away. Then, my sister came to the rescue by getting one of her friends to go with me. It was a huge relief that now I had someone to go with, and this friend of my sisters just so happened to like books just as much as I.

I met her at the theater about an hour and quarter to the start of the movie and we entered into a nearly empty lobby of the theater. At first I didn’t know where we were supposed to line up for the screening. When I had gone to the Hunger Games premiere we had lined up outside the theater door. We braved asking the ticket lady and she told us that we should head on in to the theater, we weren’t the only ones who had come this early. When we went on in we were shocked by all the people who had come a good nearly two hours before the screening. Luck was in our hands as we scored some good center seats. However, I did feel really bad when I saw groups of people being split from their friends as they arrived. Then there were the people stuck in the very front row, which I felt the most for. I find it unfair that they spent like twenty dollars to have to sit in such horrible spots. I had been there myself and it is not the best of experiences.

Things did liven up in the theater though, Canadians know how to have a good time. Some girl had run up in front of all of us while we were waiting and all it took to silence this room with over 200 people was her to yell “Hey TFIOS fans!” It was dead silent for a moment and all you could here was her shocked “Oh gosh,” I guess her friends had dared her to go up there. Then some courage came to her and she got us all to do the wave, which I expect to hear her story on Tumblr later. I will find you wave girl!

One of the most surreal moments was when the screen flickered and everyone cheered as if they were in a concert and Beyonce walked out. It was only that little credit thing that played over and over telling us to stick to the end of the show for the live chat with the stars of the movie. Nearly everyone in the theater had taken photos of it, but I didn’t because it felt somehow illegal.

My sisters friend and I grew hungry as we waited for the show to begin, so we took turns to leave to the confession stand. When it was my turn the movie was almost ready to begin and I hurried to get my food. It wasn’t a long wait surprisingly and I got my stuff and the ticket lady let me back in as she had remembered me from previously.

Then, once a little bit more time had passed the screen blackened and screams of not terror, but extreme joy ensued. Another flash, and the first pre-show commercial was on. Somebody in marketing was very smart last night as the next movie I was anticipating (The Maze Runner) sneak peak was on. Then, after that was an odd movie trailer for this Mexican animation movie that actually looked so pretty and nothing like a Halloween movie. I think I would go and see it just for it’s graphics.

Now my mind is blanking on the next trailer, I’m not even certain if there was one because the next thing I remember was something TFIOS related and the entire theater chorusing in another squeal of joy. If it didn’t quiet down before the movie I would’ve been upset, but luckily everyone did quiet down and we began to watch the movie that surely will win many awards.

I did not cry, nearly, but I didn’t. I held back. I did laugh especially whenever Nat (Isaac) was on screen. He has grown to be one of my favourite actors. I loved him in Stuck In Love and I even remember enjoying the Naked Brothers Band show he was in.

The funniest moment of all was when the movie had a silence after some intense scene had happened and all you here are many heavy breaths and the snort of someone blowing into a tissue. I really nearly cracked myself up. Some people find it embarrassing to cry in public. Most times in sad movies you have people silently wiping away tears, but these people were in silent hysterics. Now I feel bad for wanting to laugh but it really was funny that I was witnessing the truth that the whole theater cried and laughed together. When people had first said it I didn’t believe it, but now that I had experienced it for myself, I was a little shocked.

When the movie ended it was a rupture of applause, I even clapped along (I normally don’t clap at the end of movies). Then you see many bodies racing out of the room to go to the bathroom before the live show came on air. I went straight on twitter and started sending my questions in with the special hash tag #askTFIOS . None of my questions were chosen, but that was okay. Okay.

Around me I heard the sounds of people trying to compose themselves. I think it went to waste as the first live performance were introduced to is Birdy. She performed her song from the movie and my sisters favourite song possibly of all time, Skinny Love. It was amazing and then the stars of the movie walked out; Shailene Woodly, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, John Green, Josh Boone (Director), and Producer Wyck Godfrey. I actually knew who Josh was, I loved his other movie he had directed which included Nat Wolff (shocking I know), Stuck In Love.

Shailene had looked a little funny to me until I realized that she had been crying. She explained it was because Birdy’s performance was so beautiful.

The joke of the night was that John Green played Girl’s Father and he was the shlubby father of the star trio (I mean super hot dad). Shailene showed her humanitarian side by explaining how we all needed to save bees after she told a story of her experience of being stung during the shooting of the film.

The live show ended with Nat and his brother Alex performing. They were really good but a smirk was on my face as I held in laughter. Why you may ask? All I could see was the Naked Brothers band, and boy had they both changed. Little Alex now had stubble! Here’s a before and after shot. (Not My Photos)

Boy did they grow up.

After everything had ended it was a mad rush to the door. At first I was hesitant, but then I realized that there is the possibility there wouldn’t be enough posters to go around. When we were nearing the table a chorus of squeals came among the group of girls in front of us. The posters were signed, yes signed! I think it was a re-print of their signatures, but still looks:

photo (14)

It also came with a cute bracelet that I will treasure forever!

Overall, this has been one of the best nights of my entire life. I will hold so many kind memories of this night. Honestly my hope in humanity was restored. Everyone was so kind by offering tissues to one another and not judging anyone. Also hearing people make friends around me was really surreal. Now like we say in John’s home town Don’t Forget To Be Awesome (my theater said it with him)!

Thank you to all the people involved in this night, from the actors to the people cleaning the theater after the showing. You all did a splendid job and made this whole night one of the best of my lives.

Oh and if you want a rating on the movie I give it a whole 10 stars of five because there is a fault in my stars rating system. Too many stars were sent out from this movie.

And to those hesitant to watch the movie because they don’t want to cry, all I have to say is so what. You may cry, but I can guarantee you will also laugh and you will also feel better, not worse. I know I was having some trouble with my Anxiety before the movie (I was having an off day) and after seeing this movie and being around all these caring people (my anxiety is social related) I was able to get better. John Green is a role model to me, he has admitted to having anxiety himself, but that is not why I like him. He admits he still struggles with him and that he has his off days. Why is that so inspiring to me? Because he admits that some days it can be hard, but the next day doesn’t have to be.

If you saw the movie either in the special screening or not tell me your experience below, I’d love to hear it! Nerdfighteria for the Win! 

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